Dancer guidelines:

  • Please stay home if you have any symptoms of any illness.
  • We encourage (but do not require) people to take a rapid test before attending, especially if they may have been exposed.
  • Please inform the event organizer if you have COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID within 2 weeks after the event.

Masking and Cancellation guidelines:
Masking: Wasatch Contras uses the CDC’s COVID Community Levels to inform when we require masks

  • Masks are required when any counties in Northern Utah are at high (orange) or medium (yellow) on the CDC Community Level.
  • When masks are not required, dancers are welcome to wear masks at any of our dances–please be courteous, and respect the mask preferences of others.

Given the low COVID levels in our community, all Wasatch Contras dances are currently mask optional. 

Cancellation: As long as we are primarily dealing with the current COVID variants, or variants with a similar severity, we will not have a threshold for an automatic dance cancellation. If COVID circumstances change significantly, we may make more sudden changes or cancellations.

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